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Custom-made blonde wigs.

One of the most difficult parts of a cancer battle, especially for women, is losing your hair. Hair loss can be enough for some women to fall into despair, impacting their recovery. So, finding a great wig that feels smooth and easy on the scalp, looks fabulous with shine and body and makes you feel like a woman again is one of our biggest goals at Shuly Wigs. We know how to help find comfortable wigs for cancer patients.

Comfortable Wigs for Cancer Patients Start at the Top

In addition to causing the hair to fall out, chemotherapy can also leave the scalp very sensitive and often dry. The skin on our scalps isn’t typically used to being exposed to the elements, so sensitivity isn’t surprising. However, it can make the search for a comfortable wig for cancer patients a little trickier.

To make the best choice, it helps to understand some of the basic terms and language used in the world of wigs, so you can choose what’s best for you from the most comfortable wigs for cancer patients.

Monofilament Caps Make a Big Difference in Comfortable Wigs for Cancer Patients

The cap of a wig can be manufactured in several ways, but they aren’t all comfortable. For example, one of the most common ways is a simple wefted wig. With a wefted wig, the wig’s shape is built on a grid, with the lines on the grid called wefts. Then, the hair is sewn to the weft in small patches. This is how a standard wig is made, but it isn’t the most comfortable wig for cancer patients.

A monofilament wig is different. With a monofilament wig, the inside of the wig has an extremely soft, monofilament cap. The hair is then individually tied into the cap. The end result has two major benefits. First, with a hand-tied wig, each hair on the wig moves individually. That means you can part the hair naturally and move it from one side to the other. This movement isn’t possible with a wefted cap. Second, this super-soft monofilament material is incredibly comfortable against even the most sensitive skin. A monofilament cap is one of the first steps for comfortable wigs for cancer patients.

Comfortable Wigs for Cancer Patients Include a Natural-looking Hairline

It’s normal for anyone to feel self-conscious when they first wear a wig, even when it’s a beautiful and comfortable wig. Particularly when you have hair loss from cancer, you can feel like everyone is staring at your wig. So, unless you got your wig from a costume store, you want to be able to depend on it looking real. After all, with cancer, everything is a bit surreal. So, a comfortable wig for a cancer patient that looks real is priceless.

In addition to the mono cap, here is another feature that can help your wig look natural and make it comfortable – the lace front wig. A lace front wig means there is a tiny strip of lace along the hairline on the front of the wig. This lace front allows individual hairs to be tied into it for a natural-looking hairline, with all the movement and flutter of natural hair. A natural-looking hairline is a bonus point in a comfortable wig for cancer patients.

Cranial Prosthesis Are the Ultimate Wigs for Cancer Patients

A cranial prosthesis is more than a wig. Instead, created as the most comfortable wig for cancer patients, the cranial prosthesis is a medical device custom-fitted to your head. Most wigs are made to fit a head with hair on it. With a cranial prosthesis, considered a medical device, the wig’s cap is designed to fit your scalp and skull perfectly. In addition, the construction of a cranial device creates a cool, comfortable and lightweight option, making it possibly the most comfortable wig for cancer patients.

A cranial prosthesis could make your wig eligible to be covered by insurance. While wigs are considered a fashion accessory and are not covered by insurance, a medical prosthesis prescribed by your doctor is covered by most insurance policies.

Cancer is one of the most difficult journeys life can hand out. At Shuly Wigs, we want to help you find a comfortable wig that is also a beautiful solution to hair loss due to chemotherapy. We carry some of the most comfortable wigs for cancer patients in New York City. Contact Shuly Wigs to schedule a consultation with one of our cranial prosthesis experts today.

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