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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Anyone suffering from cancer can call (718) 851-7778 during the month of October for a significant discount off the price of a new premium custom wig.

Linda T.

Hi Shuly Wigs, I just want to tell you your headband to wear under your wig is an awesome product. I have been wearing wigs for years, and my scalp needed a rest from clips. Your product really works! If I ever visit New York, I will be sure to check your wigs out. Thanks, Linda Tennies, Colorodo

Ashley H.

Gorgeous Sheitel I live in Utah, which is nowhere close to Shuly Wigs (New York) but I’ve always wanted a Shuly. So I was nervous to order one over the phone because I wasn't able to see it in person 1st but I went ahead and ordered one anyway. The store workers were very helpful with me in getting the exact sheitel that I wanted. It came in the mail today and I couldn't be happier. It is exactly what I had specified! Ashley Hadley, Lindon Utah


Hi! The wig is absolutely stunning!!! When I showed my husband how it looked, with the length being so long and beautiful, he said "Who are you and what did you do with my wife?" it was really funny. I'm having curls put in, so as soon as I get it back I will make sure to take a picture and send it. Thanks a million!! You're the best! Have a great Shabbos, Z.G., New York


Such Incredible and Friendly Service Thank you to everyone at Shuly wigs! Such incredible and friendly service... I love my wig! Thank you so very much! N.C.L., Canada


Beautiful Wigs That Changed the Way I View Covering My Hair Altogether Dear Shuly Wigs, I want to give credit where it is due. I am a frum girl who was unsure as to whether or not I would be willing to cover my hair when I get married. I am engaged and my Chosson's mother does not cover her hair. The option is completely my own. I figured since I am in school to become a Cosmetologist, that the appearance of my hair makes a huge impact on how professional I will look in any given workplace. I had given up on the idea. Sheitels seem ridiculously overpriced for what they are. I feel very strongly about that because I am sewing my own wig for fun and I know the cost of making a wig; I didn't get the big deal. Recently, a few of my friends have been sharing your page in an attempt to win one of your wigs. I looked at you facebook page and I found myself looking at picture after picture of your beautiful wigs. I realized that some of the most astonishing hair in magazines was a work of Shuly wigs. I had no idea, this changed everything for me. I went from practically despising the thought of a sheitle, to hoping that I would win your contest! Before, the thought of covering my hair seemed so drab and unfashionable, like an old tradition that should have been left in Europe. This made me realize that I can cover my hair with a gorgeous wig. Out of nowhere wigs are fashionable and beautiful, they are in vogue across the world, they are a hot commodity and the way for me to really come to terms with a mitzvah I knew I should keep. The price finally made sense, it is in magazines next to designer clothes, it is a work of art. I am aware that it is a raffle, and not influenced by emails, but I still I hope to own a Shuly wig, if not now, soon. I wanted to write to you an email to thank you for conducting this raffle, and for making beautiful wigs that changed the way I view covering my hair altogether. I really hope that I can win! Thank you, A.P., Chicago, Illinois


Stunning Wigs Hey, I have had both my Shulys for 3 and a half years. One is a fall that I wear every day and it is totally versatile and always looks natural and amazing. The other one has a full fringe and is amazing!!!!looks exactly the same as when I bought it 3 years ago and everyone asks me what it is and where it's from....I wish there was a Shuly salon in London....I have tried on so many other makes but nothing is as comfy as my Shulys!! Lots of love and look forward to buying a new wig when I'm next in New York! Hannah, London, England


Classy Place Bought a wig about 7 months ago and so pleased with my purchase .the wig was styled beautifully. Looks natural and is extremely comfortable. Customer service department so accommodating never experienced such aftercare. Kimberly681, New York

Sally G.

Such a Pleasant Experience Went to this wig salon on the recommendation of a friend and instantly saw what she meant when she said it's the most professional place out there. The sales girl is very knowledgeable and helped me choose a gorgeous wig. The stylist is great she really got what look I was trying to achieve and the salon is gorgeous could easily fit on Madison Avenue. I never write reviews but felt I had to share my experience very great full to them for making it such a pleasant experience. Sally G., Brooklyn NY


Most Stylish and Trendy Salon My friend sent me a link for their facebook fan page as I suffer from alopecia and I wear wigs. I traveled to this salon and boy was it worth it. I am grateful to the staff for their patience and discretion. The wig I bought is all that I dreamed of. It makes me look hot and gorgeous (everyone says so) no one can tell it’s a wig unless I tell them. People just think I have an amazing head of hair and its extremely comfortable. The wig was not cheap but was so worth the price. Its definitely value for what you are getting and was pre-styled so I saw how I am going to look. Shuly Wigs Thank you so much. I love you guys keep up the good work. Blogista, New York

Riki S.

Wonderful Experience I have been wearing wigs for the last 10 years due to major thinning of my hair (I used to have thick flowing hair) so my situation is not ideal. I have tried wigs from salons and purchased on line as well and was never happy as the result was not what i had envisioned, but 3 months ago I was recommended to go to NYC and try Shuly Wigs. The trip was worth it. The salon is stunning with a discreet and relaxing atmosphere I felt like I was in a salon on Park Avenue. The staff were friendly and understanding they were extremely patient with me. And the wigs are the most beautiful and natural looking that I have ever seen. I bought a wig(not cheap) and I am writing a review after 3 months of wearing it everyday. It looks so natural people do not believe it’s a wig. The most comfortable and lightweight wig I have ever worn and it was pre-styled so I did not have to worry what it would look like after its cut. I am writing such a long review because I feel extremely grateful and satisfied.(I am on their face book fan page).And I do know that they are also doing work with many professionals in the beauty industry so that gave me a sense of confidence as well. The owner is a lovely woman really cares. Riki S. Manhattan, NY