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Real Hair Wigs

When you are looking for a wig that looks like your own hair, look no further with a Shuly Wig. Our wigs are 100% human hair, and allow for unlimited possibilities with styling and coloring. Get the exact look you want with a Shuly.

Our wigs come in a variety of styles, lengths and colors. Whether you are interested in short and sassy curls, a sweet bob style or a long romantic style with flowing waves, you will find your best look with a Shuly wig. We offer both processed and unprocessed human hair wigs to give our customers the widest choice available of high-quality wigs.

The Highest Quality Human Hair Wigs

Our Luxury Line Collection promises you the best of what we have to offer. Unprocessed, virgin European hair is used in this collection. The hair cuticle remains intact, giving your wig a longer life for extended wear and a beautiful, natural look.

Shuly offers the Studio Line which is created from processed South American hair. You can easily style and color these wigs to suit your taste. Whether you are looking for crimped waves or soft curls, our Studio Line provides versatility.

Comfort and Style in a Shuly Wig

Synthetic wigs will last a few months with daily wear. Shuly Wigs uses high-quality human hair in all our wigs. This means you will get longer wear from our wigs, along with the natural beauty that comes from high-quality human hair.

You can style your Shuly to your liking. Because your Shuly is made from human hair, you can learn to maintain and style it yourself, or you can use our services. Human hair wigs can be washed and set, dried and curled the same as your own hair. You might melt the hair on a synthetic wig if you use a curling iron or hot comb on it, unless it is a heat-friendly synthetic.

For versatility and endless style possibilities, trust Shuly Wigs for your new look. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our stylists to learn more about real hair wigs from Shuly Wigs.