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High-Quality Human Hair Wigs


The perfect "bob" wig. Can be cut into a trendy layered bob, or worn as a Sharp, one length style. The hair is smooth and silky, with just the right amount of volume to hold body.

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Hair with Wavy texture to create soft and natural curls that are playful and feminine. This style can range from loose to crimped waves.

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Comfortable and fashionable sporty, the Celebrity pony tail wig is perfect for women on the go. The beauty of this wig is the unique way the net has been designed in order to fit the sides and nape area so that the fit so that the wig will loke it is coming out of your head.

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Red Carpet

Indistinguishable from your own hair. Our Bandfall can be worn with a fashionable band or blended with ones own hair. Available in various lengths and colors.

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The Runway is South American hair that is polished and elegant. This wig can be cut into any desired style.

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Hair Pieces that are totally undetectable, our toppers instantly make ones hair look fuller, thicker and lush. Made from the finest lace, these toppers can be attached with clips, tape or glue.

Not sure about your cap size? - See how to measure a cap

Shuly Wigs offers high-quality human hair wigs in our Studio Line. What this means for you is a great-looking wig with lots of shine and bounce. Processed hair is versatile, and since Shuly offers only 100% human hair, you can change the color and style at will. Whether you desire curly, straight or wavy hair, the look can be achieved with a wig from our Studio Line.

In keeping with our commitment to quality and excellence, our Studio Line wigs are of the highest quality processed hair. The hair for this collection of wigs comes from South America and is a favorite of Shuly clients.

Choose from a Wide Selection of Styles

Shuly Wigs offers a great selection of styles in our Studio Line. The possibilities are endless when you consider that these wigs can be styled and colored to your exact specifications using our color guide.

You can look trendy in a traditional “bob” cut with body and volume to delicately frame your face. Do you like the wispy ponytail look? If so, we have just the right wig for you with our “Celebrity” ponytail wig. Perhaps you are drawn to a crown of waves and curls. Choose from styles that sport crimped waves or loose and lovely curls.

A natural look that’s indistinguishable from your own hair can be had with our “Bandfall” wig. Wear it with a cute scarf or headband or just blend it in with your own hair. This versatile wig is available in a variety of lengths and colors.

Shuly Wigs also offers hairpieces in the Studio Line. If you want a fuller look to your natural hair, our toppers may be just what you need. Clip on, tape or glue to attach these pieces to make your own hair appear thick and lush.

Find out more about our Studio Line of wigs and hairpieces when you browse our website or call to make an appointment. Let one of our professional stylists help you find the perfect look. Contact us today to schedule a time to visit our store.