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Myth: Wigs Are Only for Women

Older Man With Wig

Even though the vast majority of people wearing wigs are women, it is a myth that they are the only ones who wear wigs. Since ancient Egyptian days and before, men have worn wigs. Throughout history, men have worn wigs for various reasons. Wigs have been worn by men and women down through the ages.…

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Taking Care of Your Scalp and Natural Hair While Wearing a Wig

Woman With Wig

Women love experimenting with fashion and style and when it comes to hair, wearing a wig is a wonderful way to try out different styles. In the summer, no one wants to spend hours in the beauty salon getting their hair coiffed if there is an alternative. Wigs are a great alternative and human hair…

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Keep A Cool Head This Summer

Smiling Woman Outside

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes soaring temperatures. Wearing a wig when the weather gets hot can be uncomfortable unless you know how to keep your head cool. We have some tips that may help you do just that so you can maintain your style without sweating it! Perils of a Hot Wig…

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TLC for Your Scalp, Your Hair, Your Wig

Young woman in a long brown wig

Wearing a wig is a great way to change things up, give yourself a new look, protect your hair while it grows out and more. Wigs are a wonderful solution for many issues. They allow you to have fun, experiment with style and color and they can protect your natural hair. Whatever your reasons for…

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Honoring Women’s History Month and Your Crowning Glory

Young woman in blond wig

This month, Shuly Wigs commemorates Women’s History Month with a bit of history you may not know. Congress made a declaration in 1987 officially designating March as Women’s History Month. Women make a significant contribution to history every day of the year, and this year is definitely no exception, so why specifically March? Going Back…

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Enhance Your Look with a Hair Topper

Custom Wigs New York NY

The look of full, healthy hair is one that most people seek. When you have thin, limp hair, you can use volumizers and other products to help your hair look fuller, or you can invest in a hair topper and create a completely stunning appearance. The hair topper allows you the opportunity to enhance your…

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