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Three Interesting Facts About Wigs

Girl in a brown wig

You have to love the convenience of wearing a wig. The beauty, style and convenience of a well-coiffed wig allows you to look amazing at a moment’s notice, no matter what state your natural hair may be in. You may be interested in learning a few interesting facts about the history of wigs. From ancient…

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Wig

Black girl with a hair storm

A woman’s hair is often seen as her crowning glory. You take care of your hair by keeping it clean, conditioned and moisturized. You are well aware of the consequences if you neglect hair care. It is the same for your wigs, both with synthetic and human hair. Maintenance of a wig is not going…

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A Primer in Wig Caps

Brown wig on the mannequin head

How much do you know about wig caps? For those who have not explored the world of wigs, you may have little or no knowledge about them. The wig cap is the wig’s foundation and mimics the shape of the head. There are four basic types of wig caps: Capless (basic) Lace front Hand-tied Monofilament…

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