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Give The Gift of Good Hair This Holiday Season!

Woman With A Wig

A wig may not be the first present that comes to mind when you’re shopping for the holidays but it could be the most long lasting and impressionable! Maybe someone in your life has been interested in trying wigs for a while now, but didn’t know where to start. Or one of your loved ones…

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Black Friday


UP TO 20% OFF ANY WIG *Lace Wigs Are Not Included* Nov 29 – Dec 3 Book your consultation today!

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Wig Density – What Is It? Why Is It Important?


When shopping for the perfect wig, you may think the color and length are the only boxes you need to check to find the perfect fit. But wig density plays a huge part in how your wig is going to fit and how it will look on your head. Let’s go over what wig density…

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Tips For Wearing Wigs with Comfort

Woman Smiling

When it comes to wearing wigs, sometimes it can feel intimidating trying to find the best application methods to provide a fit that is cute and simultaneously comfortable. Purchasing a quality wig is the first step, but even the best wig can feel uncomfortable without the correct application. Shuly Wigs is here to help advise…

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Change of Seasons, Change of Hairstyle

Woman Outside with a Wig

Summer is almost over and the scent of fall is in the air. Now is the time that people start packing away their summer clothes and digging out winter wear. It is the season of change. So why not consider changing your hairstyle? If you have been wearing a summer hairstyle to keep cool, you…

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Tips for Cancer and Alopecia Patients

A woman in a short wig

Unexpected hair loss or unwelcome hair loss can be hard to accept. Losing your locks, whether short and sassy or long and luxurious, can affect your self-confidence and leave you feeling down. Losing your hair due to medical conditions or medical treatments is a challenge that can be met and handled successfully with planning and…

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