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Wig Repair Service

Shuly Wigs has a wonderful selection of new wigs to suit every taste and style, yet we also understand that maintaining your current wigs and hairpieces is important as well. Our wig repair service helps you get the most out of your wigs even when there is an issue.

Our repair services include:

  • Cap adjustments
  • Repair torn caps (restitch or mend torn base materials)
  • Making adjustments for mistakes or faulty haircut (by adding and/or removing hair)
  • Replacing or adding bangs
  • Adding hair to bald patches – we provide rootless work where necessary
  • Tighten nape area and customize fit for comfortable wearing
  • Add or remove wefts as necessary
  • Convert a full wig to a band fall or hat hall
  • Add a lace front
  • Additional repairs

We have experts in-house who do most of the repairs on the premises. More complex repairs are sent out to our skilled factory technicians.

Lace Wig Repair

Your lace wig provides unlimited styling capabilities and is probably a staple for you. When it needs repair, you want it done correctly the first time. You can depend on Shuly wig repair services for outstanding craftsmanship to get your damaged wig back in service.

Repairs for lace wigs include repairing frayed or torn lace, replacing front lace and adding hair. Older wigs that have passed their prime may not be repairable.

Professional Wig Repair Service

When you have a problem with your wig, rather than attempting to make repairs yourself, bring it to the experts at Shuly Wigs. Proper servicing will not only ensure your wig looks good, but it can also extend the life of your wig. We have the tools and expertise to make repairs that will last.

Send us an email to request a service form, and let us know what repairs need to be made. You can call, use our online form or email for prices or other information regarding repairing your wig at