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Anyone experiencing thinning hair or bald spots knows the frustration and lack of confidence that can occur. This can be life-changing, and it affects millions of individuals every year. Regardless of the cause of hair loss, there are options to replace lost hair while you consider your treatment options. One of the most versatile ways to blend faux hair with your natural hair is hair toppers.

What Is a Hair Topper?

Hair toppers are small hair pieces that are designed to cover the crown area of your hair and blend with your natural hair. They clip to your existing hair and can be styled to match your everyday look. Hair toppers are less heavy and encompassing than a wig but put less stress on your existing hair than extensions. A hair topper is the perfect solution for many people in the early stages of hair loss.

Benefits of Hair Toppers

Wigs are wonderful when you have extensive hair or want to change your hairstyle completely, but not everyone wants or needs a full wig. Hair toppers, especially our high-quality human hair pieces at Shuly Wigs, can have many benefits over wearing a wig or using hair extensions. Some of the benefits our clients obtain with our hair toppers include:

  • Hair toppers lie flatter than wigs for a natural appearance
  • Hair toppers can cover the most common area of thinning, the crown, which extensions cannot do
  • You can incorporate your own hair into your style
  • Our human hair pieces can be dyed to ensure they are precisely the same color as your existing hair
  • Hair toppers are an easy way to add more fullness to your crown or create a sleeker appearance
  • Hair pieces or wiglets are less heavy than wigs, a nicer option when it is warm
  • For those losing their hair, toppers can be an excellent way to transition to wearing a wig
  • You can choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors from our human hair toppers

You may be surprised that many people use hair toppers, and it is impossible to tell. Celebrities wear these pieces to improve their hairstyle for red-carpet events, and these pieces can provide a quick option to create a fuller appearance for your hair.

Best Ways to Use Hair Toppers

Like any hair enhancement, toppers or wiglets take some time and effort to learn how to best use them correctly. Most people experiment with their new hair topper several times before heading out on the town with their new look. Here are some tips to get the best results from your new hair topper.

  • Always thoroughly brush your hair before attaching your topper
  • When placing the hair topper, attach it about 1-2 cm from your hairline
  • You can style the topper with your natural hair or pre-style it on a mannequin if that is easier for you
  • To hide the transition from topper to natural hair, you can put through some natural hair through the topper
  • Experient with using pins and ponytails to create the best look for your new hair
  • Some people find adding bangs can make it easier to use a hair topper at first
  • Use mousse, hairspray, and other hair products or accessories to achieve your best look
  • Make sure to follow all the instructions for cleaning and caring for your hair topper to keep it looking healthy and prevent unnecessary wear

As with all faux hair pieces, it does take some time and practice to be comfortable and efficient using your new hair topper. But once you get the hang of how to best incorporate it with your hairstyle, it can be a wonderful experience.

You deserve to feel confident in your appearance. Whether you have naturally thin hair and want more volume or are experiencing balding or thin spots, hair toppers may be the right solution to enhance your style. Shuly Wigs offers premium hair toppers made from human hair, offering more versatility and better quality than acrylic hair pieces. Come see us at our Brooklyn studio to find the perfect hair topper to enhance your natural hair. Call today to schedule your free consultation and determine whether a hair topper is right for you.

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