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Three little girl friends with long hair.

Adults are not the only ones who wear wigs. Children as young as six have also been known to wear wigs regularly.

Medical Conditions Are the Most Common Reasons

Health issues like cancer and alopecia are among the most common reasons.

Cancer requires the child to undergo aggressive treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which lead to hair loss. A kid’s wig can help ease your child’s concerns about losing their hair, making the treatment process a little more tolerable.

The auto-immune disease alopecia areata leads to balding patches, and traction alopecia results from prolonged tension on the hair brought about by tight hairstyles like braids and ponytails, which lead to thinning hair or hair loss. A kid’s wig can give your child an even head of hair to feel more confident.

Hair Loss Can Be Overwhelming for Kids

The hair loss that comes with these health conditions can be distressing at any age, but for youngsters dealing with the stress of public image and growing up, it can be incredibly damaging to their mental health and self-perception.

Unwanted hair changes affect how we look and feel. As a child, these shifts are traumatic. A quality wig can help significantly.

A wig fosters a sense of well-being and confidence, alleviating your kid’s hair loss stress. However, as a parent of a little one who needs a wig, it can be challenging to select the ideal wig for your child.

Fortunately, Shuly Wigs has wigs for boys and girls of all ages. They are available in various styles and are created from 100% real hair to provide a natural, fashionable appearance.
Our stylists ensure that the wig fits your child’s head perfectly. As a result, it will not appear as though they are wearing a wig, and it will be incredibly comfortable.

Your youngster can focus on being a kid again with a Shuly Wigs kid’s wig. They can resume their regular daily routine with confidence in their wig, which has been fashioned to match their personality and preferences.

Introducing a Wig to Your Kid

When you initially suggest a kid’s wig, your child may scoff or sneer. A child who has never worn a wig will worry about feeling ridiculous. Children are self-conscious about their appearance, especially in school.

Human hair wigs appear natural and are the best choice for such a situation. Your child will be least hesitant to wear the wig if it closely resembles their natural hair. Moreover, our full-coverage wigs are lightweight, allowing the scalp to breathe, so your child feels good throughout the day.

Helping Your Kid Feel Secure in Their Wig

Parents must follow proper wig “etiquette” for their kids to make their wig-wearing experience as pleasant as possible. To accomplish this, you must keep the following in mind:

Prep their natural hair correctly and use a gentle attachment method. How you prep your kid’s natural hair for a wig depends on its condition. Be extra gentle with their hair if they are wearing a wig for medical reasons. Children who have hair can wear loose braids. Also, consider a wig cap because it can provide an extra layer of protection between your child’s hair and the wig for enhanced comfort.

Get them involved. Although you, as a parent, will do most of the legwork, the process should be collaborative. After all, your child will be the one wearing the wig, so involve them as much as possible. Remember to ask whether they like the color, if it is comfortable and how wearing it makes them feel. Your child should want to wear their wig. The last thing you want is for them to despise it. Involving them in the process can be the turning point between them loving the experience or dreading it. As a bonus, the more they love their wig, the better they will take care of it!

Practice good wig maintenance. Keeping your kid’s wig looking good is essential. Our easy-care styles make it simple to care for your kid’s wig. We also have extra services for wig upkeep and repair.

The Best Wig Experience for Your Kid Will Be with Shuly Wigs

Kids adore trendy hairstyles, and Shuly Wigs are stylish. We offer various textures, colors and lengths to suit all tastes. Please schedule a consultation with us today and let our stylists assist you and your youngster in choosing the perfect kid’s wig.

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