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Embracing Your New “Do”

Young woman in a brown wig

Wearing a wig in public for the first time can feel intimidating. You may not feel confident going out in public the first few times you wear it outside the confines of your home. It may feel unfamiliar and artificial. You may feel self-conscious. You might even imagine that everyone is looking at you and…

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What’s the Story on Ear Tabs?

Dummy head in a long dark wig

Your wig has a small but significant feature that makes all the difference in how it fits. Ear tabs are the little wings on the sides of the wig that lay in front of your ears near your temple. Hardly noticeable, they are a vital part of wig construction that is important in a well-fitting…

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When You Are Looking for a Change

Wearing a Wig New York NY

It is easy to fall into a fashion rut, especially when it comes to your hairstyle. You get used to a certain look and it becomes your default. Every day, the same style. After a while, even considering change can give you shivers. Changing things up every now and then also has merit; but change…

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Human or Synthetic Hair? Which Wig is Best for You?

Brown wig on the mannequin head

There are several reasons why an individual may opt to wear a wig, and at Shuly Wigs, we have a wide assortment from which to choose. It can be challenging to differentiate between human hair and synthetic wigs in some instances; and of course, with lower quality synthetics, the difference is obvious. Assuming you wish…

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Three Interesting Facts About Wigs

Girl in a brown wig

You have to love the convenience of wearing a wig. The beauty, style and convenience of a well-coiffed wig allows you to look amazing at a moment’s notice, no matter what state your natural hair may be in. You may be interested in learning a few interesting facts about the history of wigs. From ancient…

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Wig

Black girl with a hair storm

A woman’s hair is often seen as her crowning glory. You take care of your hair by keeping it clean, conditioned and moisturized. You are well aware of the consequences if you neglect hair care. It is the same for your wigs, both with synthetic and human hair. Maintenance of a wig is not going…

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