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Honoring Women’s History Month and Your Crowning Glory

Young woman in blond wig

This month, Shuly Wigs commemorates Women’s History Month with a bit of history you may not know. Congress made a declaration in 1987 officially designating March as Women’s History Month. Women make a significant contribution to history every day of the year, and this year is definitely no exception, so why specifically March? Going Back…

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Enhance Your Look with a Hair Topper

Custom Wigs New York NY

The look of full, healthy hair is one that most people seek. When you have thin, limp hair, you can use volumizers and other products to help your hair look fuller, or you can invest in a hair topper and create a completely stunning appearance. The hair topper allows you the opportunity to enhance your…

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The Characteristics of a High-Quality Wig

High Quality Wig New York NY

The reason you are choosing a new wig is not as important as making sure the wig you choose is of high quality. Whether your preference is human hair or synthetic, for the best fit and most natural look, getting a quality wig is imperative. Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask…

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Worn and Torn: When Your Wig Needs Help

Young woman in wig with curly hair

You look wonderful with a well-fitting, well-styled wig. The right wig suits your personality, enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel like a million bucks. In fact, your wig makes you feel so confident and so good-looking that you would not even think of leaving home without it being firmly in place on your…

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Embracing Your New “Do”

Young woman in a brown wig

Wearing a wig in public for the first time can feel intimidating. You may not feel confident going out in public the first few times you wear it outside the confines of your home. It may feel unfamiliar and artificial. You may feel self-conscious. You might even imagine that everyone is looking at you and…

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What’s the Story on Ear Tabs?

Dummy head in a long dark wig

Your wig has a small but significant feature that makes all the difference in how it fits. Ear tabs are the little wings on the sides of the wig that lay in front of your ears near your temple. Hardly noticeable, they are a vital part of wig construction that is important in a well-fitting…

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