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People love human hair wigs because they are real natural hair rather than synthetic fibers. Understandably, human hair wigs are higher priced since people donate the hair, and synthetic wigs are machine-made fibers. So where does the hair used in wigs come from? First, let’s look into what kinds of hair are used in wigs and then where Shuly Wigs gets hair from and why.

Types of Human Hair Used to Create Wigs

There are four main types of hair used in human hair wigs. These categories are European, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian. Each type has distinct properties and is used in different human hair wigs.

  1. European (Caucasian) hair is highly sought after but not as easily accessed as there are fewer donors. The scarcity leads to higher prices for European hair. This hair is highly prized because it is strong and it styles easily. The hair is fine, which lends itself to shine. In addition, European hair is soft, and it is easy to wash and style.
  2. Chinese hair is very commonly used in human hair wigs. Asian hair is very straight and thick. It does not style easily; however, Asian hair is very popular in wig-making. Asian hair is strong – it can withstand heat and chemical processes much better than European hair. Wigs made with Chinese hair are more affordable because donated hair is plentiful in Asian countries.
  3. Indian hair is easy to find and has many qualities of Chinese hair. However, Indian hair is finer, more like European hair, so it is less durable, but wigs can be styled with waves or textures. Indian hair is light and adds bounce. However, hair from India doesn’t respond as well to heat or chemicals as Chinese hair.
  4. Indonesian hair is the fourth type of hair most used in human hair wigs. Hair from Indonesia is well suited to human hair wigs with its strength and durability. In addition, Indonesian hair moves very freely, giving a wig a natural look. Indonesian hair is also readily available, and these wigs are more affordable than European hair.

Four more countries have human hair conducive to beautiful human hair wigs. Two of them are Southeast Asia:

  1. Cambodia: Cambodian hair is available in three textures, curly, wavy and straight. This is a lighter-weight hair that can handle heat styling well.
  2. Malaysia: Malaysian hair is fine and silky but also heavy. It is easy to style.

South American human hair is becoming more available and is easy to work with. In addition, it styles easily, which is a vital attribute for wig-making. Several South American countries have good supplies of human hair donations for wigs. Two of these are Brazil and Peru.

  1. Brazil: Brazilian hair has many excellent qualities for wigs. It’s curly and incredibly bouncy and full, adding volume. It’s shiny and very thick. It responds well to heat and chemicals and is easy to style.
  2. Peru: Peruvian hair is easy to style. It is known for its softness and thickness.

At Shuly wigs, we use high-quality human hair in all our wigs. We want every piece to be beautiful, easy to care for and natural-looking. Shuly wigs access processed human hair from South America in the Studio Line. Shuly’s European Line wigs are made with non-processed (virgin) European hair.

Shuly Wigs is a full-service human-hair wig salon. Although Shuly Wigs began as an exclusive, custom-tailored human hair wig salon, we’ve grown into a full-service salon, including styling and caring for your Shuly wig. In addition, you can purchase a Shuly wig online and receive the same beautiful human hair wigs we have in the salon. Our goal is to enhance your beauty and confidence through the magic of a beautifully crafted human hair wig.

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