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Wigs for Women and Kids – Fast Delivery to Miami

Welcome to Shuly Wigs, where stylish wigs are all the fashion. Visit our salon online and browse the wide selection of wigs for women and children. Shuly Wigs are created from high-quality human hair and come in a variety of styles, lengths, colors and textures. Whether for health or medical conditions, religious reasons or just because, Shuly Wigs can quickly deliver a wig to suit your style in Miami.

The Best in Lace Front and Human Hair Wigs in Miami

Miami residents purchasing a Shuly wig are making an investment in beauty and luxury. Our wigs look so natural because they are created with 100% human hair. We also provide a selection of netting for comfort. Our lace front and full lace caps allow you to style your wig any way you please while maintaining a natural look. Lace front wigs provide the illusion of a natural hairline, making it difficult to tell you are wearing a wig.

Processed and Unprocessed Hair

Some women prefer wigs with unprocessed hair. For these individuals, we offer our Luxury Collection. This line of wigs is created from unprocessed virgin European hair. With the cuticle intact and no chemical treatment, these wigs provide a truly natural look.

Wigs in our Studio Line are made from processed South American hair. These high-quality wigs are exceptional for styling, coloring and adding texture. If you are going for a completely unique look in a wig, consider one from our Studio Collection.

Editorial stylists come to Shuly Wigs for our Pro Star Collection. These wigs are ready for runway and print work.

Whether for work or play, serious or frivolous reasons, Shuly Wigs provides you with choices in style and luxury that can be difficult to find. Contact us today with any questions you may have.